General Election 2017

The next five years are crucial for our nation.

Getting on with the job and making Brexit work is the most important task the Government faces today. Our future prosperity, our place in the world, and our standard of living all depend on getting the next five years right.

But our opponents - both at home and abroad - are already seeking to disrupt our chances of getting the best deal possible. That is why Theresa May took the decision to call this election – so that we have the strong and stable leadership we need to see us through Brexit and beyond.

The choice at this election is clear. Strong and stable leadership with Theresa May in the interests of the people of the United Kingdom where what you see is what you get. Or a hung Parliament and coalition of chaos under Jeremy Corbyn - which every single one of us will pay for it in higher taxes, fewer jobs, more waste and more debt. This will harm working families and that is too big a risk to take.

Some people say Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister is not going to happen, but in the days of shock election results and global uncertainty, no one can ever really be sure who will win. So surely it is better to avoid the chaos, because if it does happen, we will all pay for it.

Every single vote for Theresa May and the Conservatives is a vote for strong and stable leadership in the national interest. It is a vote to strengthen Britain’s negotiating position to ensure we get the best Brexit deal possible, and it is a vote to strengthen our economy.

So on Thursday 8th June, vote Conservative and together let’s get on with the job of making life better for all of us.