Joe Simmons (Southborough North)

I have lived in Southborough for 16 years and was elected to represent Suthborough North in 2015.  Previously I have been a Borough Councillor for Southborough and High Brooms from 2004 - 2012. I take an active interest in matters affecting residents and enjoy dealing with issues of concern.

Claire Stewart (Paddock Wood West)

Claire Stewart was born in London, but has lived in Kent for 21 years and Paddock Wood for 10 years.  After a successful career as a shipbroker and bringing up her two daughters, she now works as assistant Clerk to the Town Council in Paddock Wood.

Elizabth Thomas (Paddock Wood West)

I moved to Paddock Wood in 1963 and have been very happy living here.  It is a thriving rural town which has great transport links to London and the coast.  Many commuters rush home to family and friends.  I am Chairman of Paddock Wood Town Council. 

Zulhash Uddin (High Brooms)

Zulhash Uddin has been living in Tunbridge wells, for the past 12 years, with his wife and two daughters. He is very passionate about local community development. He was one of the key member of the steering group responsible for delivering the “Tunbridge Wells Mela”. This multicultural, free event has been taking place since 2005.

Lynne Weatherly (Sherwood)

Lynn Weatherly has lived in Sherwood for many years.  Her work, supporting adults with learning difficulties, is also based in Sherwood.  Since 2011, she has been a Sherwood Borough Councillor, and in June 2014 was promoted to the Borough’s Health and Wellbeing Portfolio.  “I am passionate about both my C